Hart Motors GMC Testimonials 

Mr Hart,

On May 16, we attended the New Car Clinic for new Kia owners. We wish to thank you for the invitation, the dedication of the employees that put it together, the delicious food, the good information and the prize. We enjoyed it very much. And a special thanks to "Willie K" for going after our vehicle after the clinic in the pouring rain. He kept us from getting drenched.

We really like our Kia. And we also just purchased a used Buick from your pre-owned car lot yesterday. Everyone was especially nice to us.

B&C F.


Just a small token of my big appreciation. Thanks!

Karen R.
Roanoke, VA

(To Matt Ashwell and Eric Darby)

* * *

I am writing to let you know I appreciate the kindness and helpfulness I experienced when I bought my new car.  Tom Mackey was very helpful and really worked with me to make it possible.  Going over the costs/financing  was easy to understand and I am really enjoying my new ride.  Thank you.


Sandra P.
Roanoke, VA

* * *

To: Danny Hart
Subject: RE: Thank You for Your Purchase from Hart Kia

I’m greatly impressed w/ the service from both the sales dept and the body shop.  Ralph, the sales rep has gone above and beyond to make sure the sales process and service are leaving a good impression in my mind.
Thanks so much,
Dennis S.

* * *



I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy and pleased I was with the service provided by Matt and Eddie at Hart Motor Company.  You have a great team there that took care of me and answered every question that I had, and did everything that they could to assist me during the process.  Employees such as these two guys are the ones who impress customers to not only purchase but to recommend others and come back themselves. 


Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended.  You can be sure I will be advising Friends and Family of my experience with Hart Motor Company and how I will continue to do business with the team for years to come. 


Very Respectfully,


Brandon D.

Salem, VA



Dear Carl,


This will acknowledge receipt of and thank you for your letter of December 27.


I am enjoying my Kia Soul and feel today, as I did at the time of purchase, that I got more than average value for my money when you consider the amenities and warranty that accompanied the vehicle.


To be frank with you,  as a general rule I do not enjoy dealing with car people, whether salesmen or mechanics.  I have never felt that they were entirely trustworthy and am always cautious in my association with them or the representations that they make.


This buying experience, however, was different.  I established a good rapport with the salesman,  Willie Keck, and was able to rely on the integrity of all the information he passed on to me, and his opinion and impressions of the different Kia models I was considering for purchase.  He has been fun to work with and I had lunch with him (his treat) just yesterday.  He has a good sense of humor and a dry wit which is a refreshing change from the drolls that I encountered several months ago at another dealership.  I like the relaxed atmosphere at the Kia dealership and the friendly faces.


I also had several enjoyable chats with your sales manager, Eddie, mostly about ACC football.


A pleasure to work with both of them.  Keep them on the payroll.


I look forward to a long association with Hart Motors and will say good things to others about your dealership whenever the opportunity arises.


Very sincerely,

James I.


* * *


Carl and Danny,


I just want to let you know how much we appreciate your company allowing us to borrow one of y our GMC Yukon’s.  It was certainly a blessing to be able to show up at the Roanoke Airport in such a good-looking vehicle to pick up Kirk Cameron.


If there is anything I can ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to on call me.


Thank you again for your generosity.




Bryan S.



* * *



From: Gretchen L.

Subject: Many Thanks!


I am very impressed with your dealership.  I have never had such a wonderful experience purchasing a car (and I have bought 3 in my life).  I had the absolute best experience buying my car from Matt Smith.  Matt helped me be able to purchase a car of my dreams.  Even after signing the paperwork he still cares and helps me when he is able (and that is most, if not all, of the time).  Also, Shannon (in the Service Department) has been a very big help every time I have needed something or call with questions.  I hope you all stay in business for many years to come, because I will only buy a vehicle from you due to the great service/help/experience I have received from Matt and Shannon.  And, when my friends want/need a new car, I will always refer them to you.  Please make sure to pass this along to Matt a Shannon so they know how much their help has meant to me.




* * *

Dear Mr. Hart,


I recently purchased a new Kia Sorrento – and being a “young at heart” but older lady (age 69) – I was very nervous about buying a car – but everyone at Hart Motors put all my concerns to rest!  There was no pressure, no confusing car talk – just very helpful attention from Mr. Willy Keck – he worked with me for about 3 weeks finally helping me to setting on the car that was right for me.  He was kind, knowledgeable, and extra helpful – I could not have asked for a better salesman – Kudos to “Willy” Keck – Shannon in service and Eric in financing for a great experience.


Most Sincerely,


Miss Carol A.




* * *



Dear Mr. Hart and staff,


Just want to thank you and your staff for making the purchase of our new car such a pleasant experience.  Just want to thank William (Willie) Keck for all the time he spent in showing the car and explaining everything to us.  We also thank Mr. Matthews for his help.  Everyone was so friendly and pleasant , we appreciate the good deal you gave us on the car.  We are really enjoying the van.  It is so nice to go to a business these days and have such a personal touch.  Again, thank all of you.


Charles M.




* * *



Dear Shannon,


Thank you so much for your help in learning about my new Kia – you were so nice and showed me all the things I needed to know, and what I did not understand.  Once again, thank you!


Most Sincerely,


Carol A.




* * *

From: John F.

To: Hartkia@comcast.net


Subject: Thanks for a wonderful experience


To: Eddie King


I wanted to let you know what a good experience we had in our recent purchases from your dealership.  We purchased a Kia Soul which will be Jane’s primary vehicle and a Kia Optima which will be my primary vehicle.


All of the folks we dealt with including Willy K, Andrew, Eric and yourself made this a good experience for us.  Especially Willy K assistance provided us with the information and options we needed to make decisions.  We did look at other dealerships both new and used and arrived at our purchase decisions based on not only the product, however also who we were dealing with.


Willy K from the very beginning was professional, informative, a good listener to our thoughts and needs.  He did provide alternatives and had us look at options and was willing to let us make the choices and guide us to our decisions.  He was knowledgeable and many times provided information even before we thought of it or ask about it.  His customer services oriented approach, humor and professional business dealing were excellent.


It was a pleasure to deal with each of us.  Everything was a good experience.


Thanks so much and we look forward to many years of use from these vehicles and continued service from Hart Motors.


John and Jane F.

Roanoke, VA




* * *



Hart Suzuki

Attn: Sean Kelly, Service Manager


Dear Sean:


Thank you so much for your recent assistance with the replacement of the oxygen sensor on my Suzuki SX4.


I greatly appreciate the high quality service and customer care that is always provided by the service staff at each of my visits.


When I purchased the car from Hart Motors, I felt as though I had made the right choice not only with the Suzuki name but for the performance and reliability.  Thus it is important to me that the car receives routine maintenance checks such as oil changes, tire rotation, etc to ensure continuation of good performance and to offset any future mechanical problems.


The Hart repair technicians, service center staff and sales staff are to be commended for their customer dedication.


Again, my sincere thanks.  I am indeed grateful for your help.




Anita W.




* * *

Dear Danny and Carlos,


Where do we begin?  Thank you so much for providing Miss Virginia with her beautiful Kia Soul!  Elizabeth is ecstatic for her car that is “fit for a queen!”  The color makes a statement and is causing quite a positive response on Facebook and our website.  We are thrilled with our partnership with Hart Motor Company!




Harlen and Vicki Gudger


The Miss Virginia Board of Directors



* * *



Dear Hart Motors,


My husband and I recently leased a beautiful, white, iridescent 2012 Kia Forte EX from your dealership.  We cannot emphasize enough how much we enjoyed working with your courteous and professional staff.


Thank you so much for answering all of our questions honestly and making that two-day process as accommodating and enjoyable as possible.  I am incredibly happy with the car we leased, one at a fair price and on fair terms.  Our experience was an ideal one when it came to leasing a new car and it is all t hanks to Hart Motors.


Your service managers, technicians, and staff are some of the most friendly and professional staff I have ever worked with.  Your people are honest, hardworking, knowledgeable and fair.


You can be sure that if I have any friends looking to buy new cars in the future, I’ll be sending them to Hart Motors with full confidence.  My husband and I also looking forward to working with the staff again when our lease expires in three years and when we’ll be in the market for a new Kia vehicle.


Thank you again for your great service, attention to detail, and customer relations!


With warmest regards,


Jennifer and Robert D.



* * *



Dear Mr. Hart


I would like to take the time to let you know what I thought of my experience with your dealership.  Your dealership is unlike any other that I have seen.  No pressure, no mumbo jumbo, no nonsense.  My father in law, Steve, told me how things were there and that he trusted your dealership 100%.  It was because of his ringing endorsement that I delayed buying my kids their car here in Virginia Beach – much to their displeasure.  However, after meeting Yogi and seeing the small things at your dealership that I can honestly say I’ve never seen anywhere else, I know I made the right choice in waiting until I could get back to Salem to buy another car.


Thanks again to you and your staff for getting the deal done on a Saturday after the banks had closed and while I was 4 1/2 hours away from home.  I look forward to coming back to buy from your dealership the next time I need a new or used car. 




Carl A.



* * *

From: Heather B.

To: Matt Smith

Subject: Re: Thanks and Enjoy your trip


We are just back and settling back into the routine of work and school.


I wanted to let you know that the car was awesome – we put 1500 miles on it during the week away!  Up lots of mountains and into five states – Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.  Now life will be more mundane and just dealing with rush hour in DC – which is terrible.


Paul and I want to thank  you so much for taking care of us at a really bad point, you didn’t take advantage of the situation and gave us a great car and an excellent deal.  We really appreciated it.


I am passing your name and contact information onto a really good friend.  She is also looking into a Sorento – same as ours but in green with a beige interior.  I’ve told her she should contact you and give you the chance for her business – if she does decide to come down, I’ll join her for the road trip.


I’ll also be looking into getting some accessories for the car from the link you provided.


Thanks again,





* * *

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